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mrs frodo

What can you see, on the Horizon? Why do the white gulls call? Across the sea.. a pale moon rises. The ships have come, to carry you home. -Grey ships pass, Into the West. <3-
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It's worth fighting for.. Hey it's me, and you've apparently stumbled upon my journal. It's nothing amazing, I'm not the most interesting person you'll ever meet, and I'm definitly not important. If you like what you see and you like my info and want to be added, comment and I'll think about it. It's important that my privacy is respected. And please, no Lord of the Rings slashers, it's basically my life and I don't want to hear about how you think the movies and books are boring or how you think Frodo and Sam are gay. Please be understanding and thoughtful, and if I add you, comment every now and then, and I'll certainly return the favor. Also, to let me know you've read the rules, type "It's all wrong.." somewhere in your comment. Take care.
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